About us

S.E.A. Yachts can help customers develop their projects by offering a range of services, including:

Design and engineering, We can provide design and engineering services to help customers conceptualize and bring their projects to life.

Build and construction, We can handle the construction of the yacht, utilizing the latest technologies and materials to ensure the highest quality outcome.

Project management, We can provide experienced project managers to oversee the development process, ensuring that all aspects of the project are carried out on time and within budget.

Supply chain management, We can manage the procurement of materials and equipment, ensuring that the right products are delivered to the right place at the right time.

Commissioning and sea trials, We can provide commissioning services to ensure that the yacht is fully operational and meets the customer's expectations.

After-sales support, We can provide ongoing support to customers, helping them to maintain and upgrade their yachts over time.

By offering these services, S.E.A. Yachts can help customers to turn their vision into reality and ensure that their projects are successful.

We are the first company in the world that can manage the above services also through the use of smart contracts.