Purify the air through the ionization process

Nature gives us a precious ally that allows us to feel good and breathe good air. This ally is ionization, a natural phenomenon that helps you purify the air of dust, bacteria, pollutants.
Ionization is a natural process that generates one or more ions:
• Positive ions are those generated by electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, television, radio and as you well know they are well present in the spaces we live in daily and have different negative effects on us, such as stress, fatigue, immune system problems and many other
• The negative ions are those that purify the air, they are activated when the electromagnetic fields generated in the air come into contact with oxygen.
Mountain air, for example, is rich in negative ions that depend on the radiation of the sun, light, ocean, running water. while the city air for example is free of negative ions, which are destroyed by pollution, electrical appliances, air conditioning and much more.
It is precisely the negative ions that make the air cleaner.

In fact, thanks to a natural chemical process, these ions bind to the particles that are present in the air, such as dust, bacteria, pollen and make them deposit on the surfaces of the room. In this case, then it will be sufficient to arm yourself with a cloth and remove all these particles.

What are the benefits of air ionization?

1. Improve oxygen assimilation
2. Reduces allergy-related ailments
3. You are more lucid and focused
4. It increases blood oxygenation